Custom Stationery Trends For 2017

Custom Stationery Trends For 2017

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  • August 10, 2017
Thanks to the explosion of interest in custom stationery over the years, stationery has never been more diverse. Though some trends stay forever, each year brings a new, diverse look into the stationery scene. If you’re curious to see what’s popular in custom stationery, look no further than here. Below are the top custom stationery trends of 2017.

Posh Details

Posh accents have made a revival in wedding invitations, and they look like they’re here to stay. Posh details are like a hint of luxury. Whether it comes from edge painting, a patterned backer, or gold foil, they’re details that make that piece of stationery much more extraordinary. It’s a luxury, “expensive” look, without being too much. Think dazzling (but not over the top) silver and gold gradients that blend into mild colors. It’s a subtle elegance when done right.

Sentimentally Sweet & Charming

These are perfect when it’s hard to articulate feelings that we have for another person, but can be easily expressed with the right stationery. Because sometimes it’s just hard to articulate the right words until you see them plastered on stationery. It’s like viewing an amazing card and knowing the perfect person to send it to. These are trendy and generally hysterical, but not cliche, phrases, and statements seen on cards or mugs.

Education or school tablet mockup background

Natural World Art

This is a very large category, but it’s making a reappearance. One can only think of it as a backlash so-to-speak against our digitized, overworked, over-stressed age we’re in today. Where our more natural aspects have taken a backseat to modern comfort. It’s an homage and reminder of the need to turn back toward more simple things and pleasures in life. Think pretty gardens, flowers, natural settings like horizons and even small animals. Which leads us to the next stationery trend…


Originally seen in more international stationery like in China, Korea, and Japan, it’s been making its way assuredly into a very popular trend in the West. Cutesy stationery includes animals (like birds, cats, and dogs), and even people (think “chibi”). They’re all over washi tape and stickers, and even DIY bookmarks. They certainly feed the inner child but are increasing in usage as a means of calling attention to important notes in journaling, replacing even traditional call-to-marks like arrows, squares, and circles.

Pastel & Mild Colors

This year has been trending softer shades. Out are the striking and bright colors typical of a regular box of markers, crayons, and gel pins. The ambient shades of nature are taking root, replacing traditional and bland colors that are now so over-used that they seem jarring. Pastel colors suit headlines and backgrounds in journaling, are even used in shading and are finally seeing the light of day in marker colors. Mild liners such as Zebra’s, are very popular now and are exactly as they sound–mild colors. They’re a step above pastel–not “springy” or pale enough to be considered pastel, but nowhere near bright either.


Last but not least, we have stamps. Not the kind for postage, but wax seals and rubber stamps. You can have these types of custom stamps made specifically for you. And the best part is they can be used for just about anything.

And that’s it. Be sure to try the stationery tips above to revive your own stationery toolbox!